Creating an attractive garden footpath is an important aspect of designing your landscape around your home. Your backyard and garden area are one of the focal points when you have company over. You will want to show off this area with pride. So should you have paved areas or pebbles as garden footpaths? In this article, we will look at the “pros” and “cons” of each method, so that you can make a more informed decision regarding your garden landscaping.

Paving vs. Pebbles

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Paving a pathway through your garden can be tricky. You must consider not only aesthetics, but also the maintenance of the material, as well as the “lay of the land.” The terrain you have around your house is a part of the paving process, so you’ll want to be sure that it will accept whatever material you choose. Once you decide to pave your walkway, you will want to decide what type of material to use. Brick paving is very attractive and can be created in a unique design pattern which can be a focal point for passersby.

Other materials can be used which enhance the foliage you have in your garden, or reflect your particular taste. Consider the amount of space you want to cover, and the costs as well. Paved walkways make it easiest for visitors to walk through your garden area and enjoy your backyard, but the “con” is that it doesn’t look quite as natural as pebbles or stone material.

Paving vs. Pebbles

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Using pebbles as a footpath can be an attractive alternative to paving and can also enhance the natural feel of your garden area. Choosing the right pebbles for your landscaping is important so that it will accent, not take away from the beauty of your garden and backyard. If you choose to use mostly pebbles, it can enhance your garden by complementing the particular foliage you have in your garden.

The “con” about pebbles is that you do not have as much actual walk room. (It’s a bit harder to walk on pebbles than paved areas), so it might be less comfortable if you walk around in your garden area a lot. In addition, pebbles tend to not be as “settled” and can be washed away into your yard with the first big rain! Consider this factor before deciding on this option.

Paving vs. Pebbles

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Combination of Both

One great solution is to use a combination of paving and pebbles to create your garden footpath. This allows you to have a solid walkway with the paved sections, while still enjoying the beauty of the pebbles surrounding it. In the example above, the designer has chosen concrete stepping stones which can be used as a walkway, enhanced by the bevy of pebbles throughout the rest of the garden to match the colours of the plants and foliage. It is important to do some planning regarding your choice of pebbles and plants, so that they will work together in a complementary way.

Pebble paving landscaping is versatile and often chosen to lend a more natural look to a home. When use in combination with paved areas, it can offer the best of both worlds to display your garden and backyard in the most beautiful way.

How to Decide Which is Best

You should make the decision on how you plan your walkway for your backyard according to how you want it to look, how important it is to traverse over the terrain easily, and take into consideration the other aspects of your backyard before making a decision. Talk to a professional landscaper and they can give you some good suggestions on which is best for your backyard landscaping ventures. Have fun!

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