Every home should have at least one ottoman. Why? Because it is, hands down, the most versatile furnishing available!

An ottoman is a padded or upholstered seat or bench with no back or arms. Its name comes from its introduction into Europe by conquering Turks in the fourteenth century. They carried the comfortable benches with them as they travelled. Which brings us to one of the ottoman’s most useful characteristics, portability.

Why You Ought to Have an Ottoman

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Uniquely Useful Decorating Tools

When we hear “ottoman” most of us picture a sizable footstool made to go with one or more armchairs. But those who linger on that dated definition miss the boat. Ottomans have much to offer those who think outside the traditional box. Whilst functioning as a wonderful footstool, a single ottoman can play multiple roles.

A large one, tufted and covered tightly in leather, can be placed in front of a sofa to serve as a footrest and a coffee table. The durable fabric and tufted treatment can easily hold refreshments, too. Faux and real leather are easily wiped. It’s advisable to use durable materials like tapestries that can stand up to shoes and boots. Trays can also be set atop large ottomans to eliminate the opportunity for stains to set.

This same ottoman can sport a hinged or removable top revealing a storage area for serving tools. Some are even outfitted as portable bars, with room for wine glasses. Ottomans that double as storage units can be used in recreation rooms to hold DVD’s, remotes, game controllers, board games, and even extra throws for cool days. And larger ones can act as game tables, too.

Why You Ought to Have an Ottoman

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Seating Solutions

Portability makes ottomans ideal for solving seating quandaries when guests arrive. Placing two side by side gives the illusion of a single coffee table. But the pieces can be separated and moved to provide seating for guests. And a foursquare treatment will give a room two more potential roosts.

Ottomans made to double as piano benches give owners another seat as well as a pretty place to store sheet music. Rooms with all of these ottoman options can add one more without going over the top. An armchair with a matching ottoman is the perfect way to complete a seating area.

Ones designed to sit at the foot of a bed can fulfil multiple purposes. Serving as a comfy spot to remove shoes and socks, they can contain extra bed linens and blankets, and make nice repositories for laying out the next day’s dress.

Why You Ought to Have an Ottoman

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Make A Room Pop

These versatile little benches are perfect vehicles for adding visual interest to a room. Imagine how an ottoman covered with a silk ombre fabric would catch the eye. Large ones can be used to dominate a room and make a big statement. Smaller ones covered in an animal print can add some sizzle to a formal setting.

Different sized and shaped ottomans, including oval, round, and kidney, can draw the eye.

Dress them up or leave them casually attired to fit a room’s motif. An ottoman in a cowboy-themed recreation room would wear a faux alligator fabric well.

Whatever the look of your home, make it more functional with one or more ottomans.

Why You Ought to Have an Ottoman

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