If you’ve recently looked through a catalogue or browsed a linen shop you’ve probably seen some fantastically styled beds which use a layering effect. The style involves layering a mix of pillows, blankets and sheets to create a complimentary combination of colour, pattern and texture that can bring a dash of personality to your bedroom.

The popular style of layering linen has been showcased in some fantastic creations by designers, but the basic ideas are actually very simple; an irresistibly beautiful layered linen look is easily achievable for anyone at home. All you need to get started is this guide, a dash of creativity and a few different layers to try out. Updating your bed linen is the perfect way to update the look and feel of your bedroom without completely redecorating.

Linen Layering: How To Get The Look!

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Linen Layering Basics

  1. Start with your top sheet and pillow, using a solid colour. This gives the eyes somewhere to rest and provides a contrast for the patterns and prints you use on top. We recommend starting with white, it works with everything and you probably already own white sheets!
  2. Choose your quilt next, this is normally your main pattern or texture and so will affect every other item you buy. What you choose is down to your own style but a simpler quilt with only one or two main colours and one clear pattern will be easier to match against. Fold down the top of your sheet and quilt to create a pleasing break in the design.
  3. Add in some pillow shams that use a design that compliments your quilt. Ideally they should be similar but not identical, consider using a different shade or a variant of the same pattern. Shams are often placed against the headboard behind your white pillows.
  4. Add in smaller throw pillows in front of your white pillows. Depending on the effect you are going for you can either contrast or compliment your existing colours and patterns.
Linen Layering: How To Get The Look!

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Get Creative

This basic set of instructions should get you started but this is only a starting suggestions, once you get more confident you can start mixing things up and getting more creative. If you’re not sure how to get started or what colour or pattern to choose, there’s a simple solution: start learning by reproducing designs you like in shops and catalogues. As you get more confident, you can then vary and develop the designs to add your own touch.

Once you’ve got linen layering down you can continue your theme throughout your room. You might want to compliment your design with accessories like bedside lamps or pieces of artwork that have a similar style.

Have you used linen layering on your bed? Do you have some exciting ideas or top tips for linen layering? We’d like to hear from you! Comment below and tell us about your own designs. Or perhaps you know someone creative who might enjoy giving this a try? Share this article on your social media so that they don’t miss out.

Linen Layering: How To Get The Look!

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