If you’re getting ready to buy an outdoor setting, now can be the perfect time to catch a deal. End-of-season bargains can add allure to any set. Before you get carried away by a setting’s look and price, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the outdoor setting that will work best for your needs.

Outdoor settings come in a variety of materials, types, and looks. Thinking about the way you live and the place in which you do it can help you select the ones that make the most sense for you.

Physical Setting

The most important things to bear in mind are where you live and the amount of space you have to fill with furnishings. Some outdoor terraces are large, equipped with pools, spas, and outdoor kitchens. Chaise type chairs work well poolside where bathers may like to lay about in the sun to dry after taking a dip.

Furnished dining areas usually accompany outdoor kitchens.

Considerations When Buying an Outdoor Setting

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Warmer months that beckon residents to step out for large portions of the day often call for turning terraces into outdoor rooms where living-room type seating rests upon outdoor rugs. These spaces usually come complete with loggia type coverings, TV niches, and may even have curtains that can be drawn when the sun hits its peak.

Such interior creature comforts are less fitting for detached bricked patios, or those made of stone or paving pieces.

Outdoor areas adjacent to formal gardens may call for a traditional look in furnishings, such as wrought iron or wood.

Urban apartments are more likely to have a limited amount of space and lack permanent fixtures to shield from the sun.

Considerations When Buying an Outdoor Setting

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Weather Conditions

Outdoor settings are made of many materials built to sustain different climates. These include:

Wrought Iron is heavy and Victorian in design. It fits formal gardens and terraces, and windy or dusty spaces. It withstands harsh weather and is easily cleaned with a gentle spray.

Wood comes in several types and varying degrees of durability. Cedar and pressure-treated pine look well in more natural settings, and hold up to the elements. Teak looks beautiful near a pool.

Wicker can be natural or painted. It sets a homey tone and is ideal for covered spots as dust can get caught in its woven crevices. Cushions make it comfortable and add colour, but should be made of solution-dyed acrylic to protect it from the elements.

Aluminium has a few forms. Extruded is tubular with strap seats. It’s lightweight and inexpensive, but doesn’t stand up well to the elements. Cast comes in many designs. It’s heavier and more durable.

Retro Metal has a mid-century feel. It can be painted to fit funky spaces and works well for cottage garden décor and urban lofts.

Considerations When Buying an Outdoor Setting

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Visiting Guests

Be sure to consider whether how often you surround yourself with just a few close friends or if you prefer to host big bashes. Be honest with yourself about the actual numbers of people who will use your space and the activities you will use it for to help select the outdoor setting that will fit your lifestyle.

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