Furniture is an investment, particularly if you plan to keep it for years to come. When you’re forking out thousands of dollars, selecting the perfect lounge suite, dining table, or bed frame can be incredibly daunting.

You may be tempted to opt for an on-trend piece, but try and have perspective. Will you still like this teal loveseat in five years time? Is this monochrome statement rug really practical?

Before we discuss the top four considerations you should take into account before purchasing timeless furniture, let’s take a closer look at buying on-trend.

Choosing Timeless Furniture

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Keeping up with Trends

Just like fashion, interior design trends are constantly changing. One month it’s bold hues, the next it’s black and white. Keeping your decor in line with design trends can be incredibly expensive, especially if you want to replace large furnishings, such as lounges and rugs.

Instead, incorporate trends in smaller décor items and soft furnishings. These are much cheaper and easier to replace. Try mixing up your lounge room throw, or picking up a new statement vase. Throw cushions, lamps, picture frames, and sculptures are great options too.

Choosing Timeless Furniture

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How to Choose Timeless Furniture

The question now is this: what makes furniture timeless?

Well, the answer isn’t straightforward. Everyone has different tastes, and every household has different requirements.

Here are our top four factors to consider when choosing timeless furniture.

1. Colour

There’s nothing wrong with bright colours, in fact, a well though-out colour scheme can do wonders. But, when it comes to making a long-term furniture decision, we recommend going for a neutral palette.

Neutrals work in any design style, from modern and contemporary, to shabby chic and traditional. Neutrals will suit any home, any taste, and provide the ideal backdrop to on-trend accessories. Go for soft beige, off-white, deep browns, and rich tans.

2. Pattern

Patterned furnishings create interest and add personality to a room. However, when choosing big-ticket furniture items, steer clear of bold, or overly busy patterns, as these could clash with future furniture purchases. There are two ways you can create intrigue without opting for a trendy pattern:

  • Utilise texture. Textures are simple and elegant, and add interest without overwhelming a room. Natural textures, such as wood and jute.
  • Try classic patterns, such as stripes in soft or neutral colours.

3. Style

Do you like traditional or modern? Ornate or minimalist? All four of these styles can be timeless, it just depends on your own personal taste. We recommend furniture with minimal details, as this will pair well with other furniture. For example, a simple dining table will work with any type of chair, and a plain lounge with clean lines will work with any style of rug.

4. Quality

If you’re looking to purchase a lounge to last you over five years, buy the best you can afford. There’s no point owning a timeless looking item of furniture if it simply doesn’t last. If you can’t afford the brand or style you want, wait for it to go on sale. Trust us – it’ll be worth it.

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