Moving a home can be a stressful time, with lots of uncertainty – particularly when you need to sell a house you already own. To relieve some of the pressure, it’s important to do everything you can to maximise the likelihood of a quick sale. This doesn’t have to be a difficult task; there are many affordable and fast ways to prepare your house for sale. If you want to impress potential buyers, to sell your house quickly, follow these tips:

1. Refresh the Paintwork

Outdated, flaking paintwork is a telltale sign of a poorly maintained house. Even if the rest of your house is in perfect condition, paintwork that hasn’t been refreshed for years will send warning signs to your potential buyers. Updating the paintwork doesn’t cost much, but it can give your house a new lease of life. It also reassures the buyer that, should they move into your home, they won’t need to redecorate. For best results, choose light, neutral colours that will appeal to the majority of people.

8 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

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2. De-Personalise

It’s important to create an environment that others can picture themselves living in. If your house is full of personal items, such as family photos or children’s artwork, it can be difficult for the potential buyer to imagine living there. Whilst they may be some of your most prized possessions, it’s a good idea to pop them away whilst you’re trying to sell your house. It is important to remember you are selling your house, not your home, so provide your potential buyers with a blank canvas in which they can visualise their own belongings and personal items.

3. Create More Space by Removing Unnecessary Clutter

Larger spaces hold more appeal to potential buyers, so remove unnecessary items of furniture to create more space. Do you have an armchair that isn’t used on a regular basis? Or drawers filled with items you never use? Take the opportunity to have a clear out, and begin packing away items that you’ll take to a new home. If you have space in a garage, you can use this for storage, otherwise you may need to invest in a short-term storage solution.

8 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

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4. Make Essential Repairs

Most of the time, people don’t want to move into a house with lots of maintenance issues. Do you have a leaking tap, or stiff doorknobs? Take a little time to repair any suspect items – especially those likely to be noticed by any potential buyers. If they leave your house with the impression that everything is in good working order, and they were impressed by the space, they’re much more likely to make you a great offer. If the house is poorly maintained, any offers you receive are likely to be reduced, so repairs are a wise investment.

5. Keep the House Clean

This should go without saying, but your house must be clean and tidy when potential buyers come to view the property. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms; any issues in these areas create a lasting negative impression. If you have time, polish any stainless steel and glass surfaces prior to their arrival for extra brownie points.

8 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

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6. Create a Pleasant Outdoor Space

First impressions are so important, so you should pay particular attention to the areas of the house that will be seen first. In most cases, this is the front garden and exterior of the property. Ensure your property is well maintained at all times, even when you don’t have any viewings scheduled. If your house is publically listed for sale, you may have potential buyers driving by to check out the exterior before they book a viewing. If the garden is overgrown and unattractive, you might not get the opportunity to show them the inside of the house.

7. Keep Fresh Flowers in the House

As well as ensuring your house is well maintained, you should make a little effort to make the house seem more desirable and attractive. Fresh flowers look fantastic, and will also smell great.

8 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

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8. Add Some Stylish Finishing Touches

Whilst the walls and permanent décor should remain neutral, you should add some stylish finishing touches to add character and provide potential buyers with a sense of what’s possible with the space. Put up some extra mirrors, which reflect natural light to create a perception of more space. Make sure your curtains, rugs and cushions are modern and attractive. Even though the potential buyer will bring their own furnishings, a stylish space is much more inviting.

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