Your mother or maybe grandmother’s dining room was likely a very formal affair, with a gleaming table, matching sideboard and china cabinet and distinctive chairs that added the perfect touch. So perfect and museum-like was this room that you likely were either afraid to sit in it at all — or only did during very special occasions.

A modern dining room needs a touch of that class, but it also needs a touch of your own style. One way to bring a sense of style to even a formal dining room is to mix and match the chairs. Why? Chairs are beautiful and unique. With so many different types and colours from which to choose, why limit yourself to just one style? How, then, do you mix and match your dining room chairs so that they look great without looking like a yard sale exploded in your home?

Here are a few ways:

Same Colour, Different Design

You can unite your dining room by using different chair styles and painting them all the same color. This is a great way to save money on a dining room set by picking up different chairs in different places – from thrift stores to flea markets.

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Same Design, Different Colour

Want to make your dining room more unique, even though all of your chairs match? Paint them different colours! Whether your focus is on the fun or the subtle, you can add dimension to your dining area with this technique.


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Different Textures

Whether you choose to have your chairs all match or to have different styles, you can mix and match your dining room chairs according to texture as well. Perhaps use upholstered chairs at the head of the table and wood chairs that match along the sides. Or use large wooden chairs at the head of the table and upholstered benches along the sides. If you can make the benches capable of holding storage, all the better.


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Some might say that choosing to use different types of chairs makes your style pretty eclectic anyway. But no matter what, if you find chairs that you like, you are saying something about yourself. So use them! Whenever you pick items you like – whether they match other items in your room, you can’t go wrong. If someone says, “Your chairs don’t match,” you can simply smile and say, “No, they don’t!”


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Same Material, Different Design

Perhaps you love natural wood chairs, or vintage chrome chairs, but keep finding them in different styles. That’s fine too! Place your cherry wood (or natural or oak or blue plastic) chairs of different designs around your table and embrace the variation.

Play With Your Chairs

Maybe all of your chairs match but you don’t want them too. A classy, sleek way to add an eclectic touch is to vary the seating upholstery of chairs that are the same style and color. Maybe you have all black chairs of the same style. Mix up the patterns of the seats with different black and white patterned cushions – or another theme you enjoy.

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Odd One Out

What if all of your chairs matched, except one? Perhaps put that one, startling chair at the head of the table – or really be different and put it in the middle of the seating anywhere. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. “There’s nothing as boring as a table surrounded by chairs that all look alike,” said New York interior designer Vicente Wolf. “Most dining rooms lack personality because of that repetition. A little differentiation is much more inviting.”

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