“Oh No! The time has come to sell my most precious and valuable asset and I have to talk to a real estate agent!! Where do I start? Do I really have to sit through five interminable sales pitches from five indistinguishable agents?”

Of course you want to find a quality and trustworthy agent and one who will deliver a solid and timely result. But how to do that? Here are three qualities to look for in your selection process:

Relationship. Your agent’s job is to connect with prospective purchasers. That means the agent’s ability to build an immediate rapport with people is vital. Look for that. Can you make a connection with this agent within 60 seconds? Because if you can’t the chances are nobody else can! Most purchasers will make a very quick decision as to whether they want to do business with your agent. Does your agent demonstrate care? Are they comfortable to talk with? Does their presentation demonstrate that they will consistently go the extra mile to assist you? Do you want them in your home? Do you feel you can trust them to look after your home as they would their own?

Character. We have all heard that enthusiasm is contagious. Does your agent bring out the best in your property with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm? I say “appropriate” advisedly! On the one hand with only a meagre projection of enthusiasm buyers can only feel that the agent doesn’t really believe in your property and the potential purchaser’s confidence in your property will be diminished as a result. On the other hand too much enthusiasm from an agent is just plain annoying and can do just as much to erode the trust of your potential buyer. Balancing the sales pitch is critical with today’s market-savvy buyers. Watch you agent’s language and manner. The balance of information, intellect, enthusiasm, talking and listening is critical to the agent’s ability to connect with a wide range of potential buyers and a multitude of target markets.

Ability. Can the agent do what they say they can do? Does your agent have a track record of success? Are they highly regarded in their field? Take a look at your agent’s past achievements. That is the best guide you will find as to whether your agent can actually deliver. Your agent ought to be able to demonstrate past negotiations and clearly outline the methods used to achieve results. Look to work with a successful agent, one who is confident in their work and comfortable to be around. Because there’s nothing worse than the “commission breath” of a desperate agent!

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Trenton Morrissey

Trenton Morrissey from Morrissey Property has been serving the Canberra Real Estate Market for over 15 years. He is the 2014 Allhomes Agent of the Year - for the second consecutive year. www.morrisseyproperty.com.au

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